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Matthew Dines
Matthew Dines

Matt is a new governor at Sandhurst Primary, having started at the end of last school year; he has been co-opted to the Governing Body (so is not an elected member). He is also a parent at the school with a child in Year One and another who will be joining in a couple of years – he is here for the long haul!

Matt had always wanted to help out at the school, both for some altruistic reasons and some more personal reasons. He feels that it is great to be able to help the school as a whole but it is also nice to be able to help the environment his own children are being educated in.

Being a governor, though quite a commitment, seemed like the best way for Matt to achieve that. The governing body requires all sorts of different skills to be able to successfully oversee the running of the school and he has brought his analytical skills to support this need.

Matt would hope anyone with any questions, either about the governing body or the school, will come and have a chat if they spot him in the playground.

Business Interests and Attendance Information
Term of Office : 09.07.2018 - 09.07.2020
Appointing Body : Governing Body
Positions of Responsibility :Finance & Systems
Attendance 2018/19 :FGB: 3 out of 6
Declaration of Interests :Director of Riverford Consultants Ltd – IT Consulatancy
No other Educational Establishments Governed
No other Relationship with school staff
Declaration signed : 23.09.19