Darwin Class : Long Term Plan 2022-2023

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Topic Movers and Shakers
English Little People, Big Dreams: Rosa Parks Little People, Big Dreams: Treasury Katie Morag and the New Pier The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch Paddington at the Palace Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine
  • “v” sound at the end of words
  • Adding “-ing” to the end of a word
  • Adding “-ed” to the end of a word
  • Words that end in “y”
  • High frequency words.
  • Adding “-er” to a word
  • Adding “-est” to a word
  • New consonant spellings “wh” and “ph” words
  • Introduce the prefix “re”
  • Words ending in ‘nk’
  • Introduce the suffix “-ment”
  • Introduce the suffix “-ness”
  • Introduce the suffix “-ful”
  • Introduce the suffix “-less”
  • Introduce the suffix “-ly”
  • Diagraph and trigraph focus
  • Focus on words beginning with “w”
  • Introduce words with: “-le”, “-el”, “-al” and “-il” at the end
  • Adding “-es” to verbs and nouns ending in “y”
  • Revisit diagraphs and trigraphs
  • Revisit compound words
  • Words ending in “-tion”
  • Introduce the prefix “auto”
  • Introduce the prefix “sub”
  • Introduce the prefix “super”
  • Introduce “k” for the “k” sound
  • Revisit “ph” and “wh” words
  • Words with the “k” sound spelt “ch”
  • To model where we use full stops and capital letters.
  • To read sentences aloud to check they make sense.
  • Begin to use and understand question marks.
  • To use a comma to separate items in a list.
  • To continue practising when we use full stops and capital letters.
  • To understand when we do not need exclamation marks.
  •  To ensure capital letters and full stops are frequently used.
  • To use a range of punctuation such as question marks and exclamation marks.
  • To revise commas in a list.
  • To introduce apostrophes.
  • To look at nouns
  •  To revise the function of statement, question, command and exclamation
  • Sentence structures
  • Past tense
  • To understand Standard English
  • To begin to express time, place and cause using a range of conjunctions
  • Introduce noun phrases
  • To revise the function of statement, question, command and exclamation
  • To introduce irregular past tense
  • To begin to identify the main clause in a sentence
  • To begin to explore coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
  • To introduce commas in a list
  • To being using time adverbials
  • To use a variety of conjunctions confidently
  • To focus on using  exclamation marks confidently
  • To revisit time adverbials
  • To use consistent tenses
  • To revisit standard English
  • To begin to use commas to separate clauses
  • To consolidate conjunctions
Mathematics Number

  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction


  • Shape

  • Money
  • Length and height
  • Mass, capacity and temperature


  • Multiplication and division

  • Fractions


  • Time



  • Position and direction
Science Human survival Habitats Uses of Material Plant Survival Animal Survival
Computing Coding Online safety Effective searching Effective searching Making music Presenting ideas
PE Invasion Games

Health Related Fitness

Invasion Games

Sports Hall Athletics


Multi skills

Net and wall games

Invasion games


Striking and Fielding







Anand Karaj







PSHE Being me in my world Celebrating difference Dreams and goals Healthy me Relationships Changing me
Art and DT Mix it!

  • Colour wheel
  • Primary and secondary colours
Remarkable Recipes

  • Sources of food
  • Kitchen tools
  • Reading recipes
  • Hygiene
  • Making a school meal
Flower Head

  • Analysing artwork
  • Exploring visuals such as colour, shape, texture and pattern
  • Focus on Yayoi Kusama
Beach Huts

  • Structures – strengthening
  • Using tools
Push and Pull

  • Sliders, levers and linkages
  • Making moving greeting cards
Cut, Stitch and Join

  • Focus on Cath Kidson
  • Sewing patterns
  • Cross stitch
  • Embellishment
  • Making a bag tag
Music Exploring simple patterns Enjoying Improvisation Exploring Feelings Through Music Inventing A Musical Story Music That Makes You Dance Exploring Improvisation