Get Set 4 PE is an inspiring, active and progressive scheme of work we use here at Sandhurst Primary for our PE lessons. Get Set 4 PE has a vision which enables all children, no matter what age or ability, to flourish in Physical Education and to enjoy utilising and using their physical environment. Get Set 4 PE gives children the best chance at enjoying and succeeding in their PE lessons because the scheme provides the resources required for the lessons, has challenge points for those thriving in their lessons and also has an assessment folder to ensure children are assessed accurately according to the National Curriculum. Children at Sandhurst aim high in sport because of the love they have for PE lessons. Through PE, we aim to improve children’s physical, mental and social development across a variety of different sports and physical activities.

Extra-curricular achievements

At Sandhurst Primary School we enjoy participating in a range of inter-school competitions, tournaments and matches in our local area. We ensure we give children of all abilities and ages the chance to partake in these opportunities to represent the school, engage with children from other schools and to gain confidence and skills in new sports. At the time of wrinting in the 2022/23 academic year, we have taken part in a Year 6 football tournament, a Year 3 netball tournament, taken Year 4s to a hockey tournament and we plan on attending several more events throughout the year.

Sports Day

Sports Day is something all staff and children enjoy. Sports Day is planned to ensure children of all abilities within their year group to get a chance at taking part in different sporting activities. Stickers and points are given out to all children throughout the day and one team takes the cup at the end of the day!

School Games

In 2022 we won a  Bronze School Games mark which is fantastic! We will continue our local school competitions, teaching PE twice a week to ensure we are covering the National Curriculum and also organize intra-school events which will lead us to another Bronze.

PE here at Sandhurst is a lesson the children enjoy because they get to learn a new skill which they can practise independently before putting it into practice with their peers to create games and matches. Each unit is picked carefully to ensure a range of skills can be practised more than once throughout the year.

  • Children and adults are engaged and take part in 2 one hour lessons a week
  • We wear appropriate PE kit (depending on the weather) and remove or cover jewellery
  • We take part in “Mile A Day” to ensure we are keeping active on non-PE days
  • We always have an adult to lead and support the lesson.
  • Adults leading from the Get Set 4 PE scheme
  • We have a fully resourced lesson with the appropriate equipment
  • We always start with a warm up and cool down to finish
  • Questions are asked from the adult leading the session to ensure children are engaged and understanding
  • Appropriate differentiation and support for SEND children is provided
  • We have many happy, active children giving all the tasks a go!

Each lesson is structured with an introduction/warm up so the child can get not only get ready physically and mentally for their PE lesson ahead, but also recap prior knowledge and making links to their previous week’s lesson so they are ready to build on that foundation. The lesson then moves into learning the skill for that session so children can broaden their knowledge and further their development on a particular skillset. A plenary is then recapped knowledge and understanding from the lesson so children go away from each lesson knowing what they have learnt. Each lesson taught is from a lesson plan from the Get Set 4 PE website which we follow rigidly.

Our PE curriculum enables the children to work through a lesson that covers the important aspects of physical education in a school. Having the majority of the lesson to be taught new skills and revisit previously taught skills, the children are continuously working on what they already know to help them with working on new skills. The curriciulum also provides knowledge organisers which are shared and are taught explicitly throughout the lesson so they understand why they are learning something.

Term 1 and 2 Term 3 and 4 Term 5 and 6
Fitness, ball skills and Invasion Net and wall games and gymnastics Athletics and striking and fielding

Possible Career Aspirations for the Future

We want our pupils to develop a love for Physical Exercise and as a result remind them, if they continue to aim high they could become a Sports Coach,  Dancer or Gymnast, Part of a GB sporting team, Physiotherapist or choose from many other exciting professions!

Please note dance is not taught explicitly as a unit of work but it is taught throughout the year as six lessons instead.

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Our agreed consistencies for PE: If you were to walk into a PE lesson at Sandhurst you would see: In our PE curriculum you will see that we value inclusion and diversity:
  • Every child must take part in 2 one hour lessons a week.
  • Children and adults must wear appropriate PE kit (depending on the weather) and remove or cover jewellery.
  • Everyone must take part in the “Mile A Day” to ensure we are keeping active on non-PE days and to be physically active for the recommended 60 minutes a day.
  • There must always be an adult to lead the lesson and an adult to support the lesson for those who require additional support.
  • There is a shared notice board with up to date photos, recent club letters and celebration of recent competitions.
  • Children and adults engaged and taking part.
  • Adults leading from the Get Set 4 PE scheme.
  • A fully resourced lesson with the appropriate equipment.
  • A warm up and cool down.
  • Questioning from the adult leading the session to ensure children are engaged and understanding.
  • Appropriate differentiation and support for SEND children.
  • Happy, active children giving all of the activities and task a go.
  • Ensuring every child will partake in the “Mile a Day” for the recommended active 60 minutes or more of daily physical activity.
  • Giving every child the opportunity to join in and participate with P.E. lessons regardless of ability.
  • Supporting those who require additional support in lessons.
  • Getting the children to reflect during a plenary in order to give feedback to peers about things that went well and things they wish to try in the following lesson.


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